Pragmatic Design Ltd takes your privacy very seriously. This page will inform you of what data this website will collect about you, how it is stored, and what you can do about it.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file stored by your web browser. They allow websites to store data about your preferences and settings. Most websites use cookies to improve your web browsing experience (eg, by remembering that you're logged into the website so that you don't have to log back into every page that you visit). Other cookies can be used for social media, to collect statistical data about users, or for advertising purposes.


By continuing to use this website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. 

Which cookies do we use?

This website uses the following cookies:

Google Analytics - allows us to collect statistical data about visitors to our website. For example, how many people visit our webite; how they find us and how long they stay. Your personal details are not available for us to collect, so we can't identify visitors personally (even if we wanted to).

Facebook - Facebook's "Like" button, which is shown on many pages, uses cookies to connect you to Facebook. This does not give us access to your Facebook account or profile.

Session - a cookie to determine whether you are logged-in to the website as an administrator. Only authorised Pragmatic Design staff have administrator access rights, unless you work for us, there's nothing to collect.

How can I block cookies?

All modern web broswers include the ability to block some or all cookies. Please consult your browser's operating instructions for further information and support:

Internet Explorer



Safari (iPhone, iPad and iPod)

Contact Forms

If you submit a form to us, your details will be emailed to info(at)pragmaticdesign(dot)co(dot)uk and a confirmation message will be emailed to the address you entered. The content of the message will be stored on our email systems and in our website's database.


If you subscribe to our email newsletter, we will store your name and email address in our website's database and send you occasional emails.

We may also, on occasion, use a third-party bulk email system and will transfer your details into the database of the third party's system.

You may unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time by visiting

Data privacy

Pragmatic Design Ltd will never provide your details to a third party for their use.

Further information

If you have a specific question about our privacy policy, please email us at info(at)pragmaticdesign(dot)co(dot)uk.

Call us on Wolverhampton (01902) 58 10 12, or use our contact form to get started.


What our clients say

"Pragmatic design were a pleasure to deal with and made the process of web site design informative, cost effective and efficient. We are delighted with the end product and would recommend to anyone wishing to create a professional website." Nicola Deakin, Birkdale Homes